Aeroacoustic issues are notoriously difficult and expensive to resolve, damaging reputations and budgets.  The Insol Facade Testing Laboratory is a leading specialist testing facility for risk mitigation and committed to furthering the industry understanding of wind related issues. When building tonal noise is heard it’s too late and the damage is done.  

What follows is expensive, time-consuming and damaging, with litigation aiming to assign blame and costs. The culprits are usually small and easily identifiable during the design process and a test and tweak at the right stage will prevent a major issue later.  The Insol Wind Tunnel was developed to mitigate risk and identify those tweaks before it’s too late.

Articles Related to Wind and Facades

Wind Induced Noise on Building Facades.  A 47 storey, mixed use skyscraper in Manchester attracts the attention of anyone within a 3 mile radius.  It towers above the City skyline but that’s not the reason people are drawn to it.  Neither is the award-winning architecture.

The Danger of Wind: Physical & Financial.  Wind induced failure of facade elements at considerable height is likely to have catastrophic consequences In all instances, the danger may be felt both physically and financially.

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