About Us

Insol are the leading experts in facades for parking garages and large non residential structures such as stadiums and transport hubs, and home of the Insol Wind Tunnel.  This is the only facility designed and dedicated exclusively for facade testing in the world, and one of only a few wind tunnels in existence that has the capability to fully test 1:1 scale facade elements.

Founded in 2003, Insol is a privately held company widely recognised as the experts in bespoke architectural facades and screening.  Led by the founder, Greg Simmons, the Insol team is composed of a highly experienced team of designers, engineers and project managers. 

Involvement in the construction industry predates the founding of the company, with the Simmons family heavily involved in construction since the 1950’s.  This experience is evident today, with the company uniquely positioned to use their combined knowledge of construction methodology, facade engineering and manufacturing, in the development of iconic buildings and landmark developments.

Following the commissioning of the Insol Wind Tunnel in 2019, international demand for its unique services and capability has continued to grow.  This, along with a growing recognition for the complexity of Insol facades completed in the Asia Pacific region, has led to the international expansion of operations.  

Insol are recognised and sought-after as the experts in architectural screening and facades, particularly for wind-induced issues of facade elements and louvre shading for sustainable building projects.

Greg has presented at a number of international forums and Universities regarding the wind-loading of facades and Insol are a regular contributor to industry groups and professional training bodies.  

Insol is trusted by leading architect practices and a registered provider of CPD to the New Zealand Institute of Architects, and are committed to furthering the industry understanding of the impact of wind and is leading the development of models to better mitigate wind-induced risks. 

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